Women’s Self Defence Courses

We offer a variety of classes open to the public in the South London area.

Nowadays, most martial arts have become commercial and sport orientated to the point that their techniques would be useless in a real situation, even if executed by so-called black belts!

From time to time we hold courses that teach effective combat skills that work, successful strategies and life-saving tips with this comprehensive course. You will practice:

Posturing – Don’t look like a victim; learn how to carry yourself especially if you’re being intimidated or followed.
Strategies – Learn successful non-violent responses that can diffuse a confrontation.
Adrenal Response – This is usually known as the “fight or flight” syndrome. Experience the stress of a simulated attack and become better prepared if a situation were to arise.
Dealing With Abduction – Learn simple, hard-fast rules that could save your life.
Releases – Learn quick, effective releases from common holds
Groundwork – Learn how to escape from being pinned down. Defend yourself from being kicked or stamped on while prone.
Knife Self-Defence – Attacks involving knives have become prevalent in our society. Taking on someone armed with a knife is very dangerous. However, we will teach you effective techniques just in case you have no choice.
Other Skills – Learn how to read an opponent as well as dodging, kicking, blocking and striking. Most techniques will be practiced on pads to develop power, timing and accuracy.

If you’re interested in attending one of our Women’s Self-Defence courses, please contact us and we’ll email you when we next schedule one.

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