Grading Results – January 2017

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Grading Results

Congratulations to all those students who attained Junior Badges this term. Also, a very well done to the following students who were successful in passing their grading examination:

Red Belt – 2nd Kup

Terrell Reid-Lilley

Red Tag – 3rd Kup

Ayala Lema-Pasantes

Blue Belt – 4th Kup

Amin Amri
Jaden McLean

Green belt – 6th Kup

Kaliyah Douglas-Lodge
Kian Hitchings
Reuel Crossdale

Green Tag – 7th Kup

Robert Oliver
Xiana Lema-Pasantes

Yellow Belt – 8th Kup

Ashton Ferdinand
Kosi John Martins
Lewis Bernard
Maria Kravchenko
Mathan Suresh
Ricardo Leal
William Chambers

Yellow Tag – 9th Kup

Alasdair Mackintosh
Brandon Lau
Chase Kennedy-Nunez
Georgina Buckle
Itabaza Irwin
Jayanna Shorter-Alamu
Kai Piras-Smith
Linden Walcott-Burton
Malec Ethan Chaplin
Nathan McLean
Stephanie Illsley

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