Grading Results – April 2017

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Competition and Grading Results

Earlier this year, Charles Dankyi (pictured left) was awarded Gold for Special Technique (Flying Kicks) in the World Cup, Hungary! This is his second world title at this event – a Big congratulations at this awesome achievement!

On Sun 19th Feb, after many years of dedication and a grueling grading examination we take great pleasure in announcing three more black belts to our team. Toby Butcher, Jonathan Lilley and Zindzi-Rocque Drayton were all successful to passing to 1st Degree Black Belt! Congratulations!!

Well done to all those students who attained Junior Badges this term. Also, congratulations to the following students who were successful in passing their grading examination:

Blue Belt – 4th Kup

Tomas Key
Pierre Moullier

Green Tag – 7th Kup

Aaron Villanueva
Nina Visser
Oscar Lominski
Ricardo Leal
Stefan Bosnak

Yellow Belt – 8th Kup

Brandon Lau
Conor O’Sullivan
Dan Carbin
Freddie Lawless
Georgina Buckle
Valentino Khamnei

Yellow Tag – 9th Kup

Adam Bell
Jack Cook
Josiah Miguel Villanueva
Joshua Ramtahal
Laila Janjua Leishman
Marko Aleksic
Savannah Sivnort
Shea Conor Brennan

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