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We offer a variety of classes open to the public in the South London area.

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Please contact us via direct email on , using the contact form below or call us on 020 8678 9500


How do I join?

Beginners are recommended to watch a lesson first – please see our Classes page for schedule and venue information. Having completed a consent form and paid the appropriate fee students can attend a trial lesson. Students should inform the lead instructor prior to the lesson (and seek advice from their GP) of any medical conditions that may affect their training. We normally allow a maximum attendance of two trial sessions before committing.

What are the costs?

Normally, a student pays upfront for the term. If starting mid-term, new students will only be charged for the remaining term (calculated by pro-rata) plus the membership fee. Please email us for current term fee, trial rates and membership fee. Uniforms are not required immediately, but start from £31 depending on size. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Fees are not refundable – see our terms and conditions.

What do I wear?

We are quite happy for students to train in tracksuit or PE kit to begin with. We train in bare feet and no jewellery should be worn. Earrings and metal hair clips should also be removed. Uniforms are not required to begin with but are compulsory for grading examinations and competitions.

Will I be safe?

We at Mazuki take care to devise safe training programmes for our students, especially beginners. However, there is an element of risk and danger of accidents whilst learning a martial art. Beginner students do not engage in contact sparring. Only when students are competent at observing safety rules may they engage in touch/semi-contact sparring, whereby approved protective equipment must be worn.

Am I insured?

The membership fee and information provided on the consent form is used to procure third party insurance for each member whilst training. Injury caused by the negligence of another member or instructor is covered.

Our Locations

Our classes are held at
Livity School (Saturdays), 35 Adare Walk, Streatham Hill, London SW16 2PW.
Julian’s Primary School (Wednesdays), 226 Leigham Ct Rd, Streatham, London SW16 2RB

Contact us by direct email on, click button or phone us on 020 8678 9500

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Contact Info

020 8678 9500
Livity School (Saturdays)
35 Adare Walk,
London, SW16 2PW
Julian's Primary School (Wednesdays)
226 Leigham Ct Rd,
London, SW16 2RB

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