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Blue Belt, 4th Kup

Blue Belt Badge Awards

All of the following 10 badges must be achieved before students can attend aformal Grading Examination to Blue Tag (5th Kup). After achieving Blue Tag, students must attend a minimum of twelve sessions (and a minimum of three months of training) before attending an assessment. Thereafter, if need be, students are recommended to attend a minimum of nine sessions before taking the next assessment.

Fundamentals 1 Badge

  1. L-Stance, Low Knifehand Guarding Block; Walking Stance, Circular Block x 2 (x 4 Forwards)
  2. Sitting Stance, W-Shape Block (x 4 Forwards)

Fundamentals 2 Badge

  1. L-Stance, (Rear Leg) Side Checking Kick, Side Kick (Shifting). Forward x 4
  2. L-Stance, (Rear Leg) Turning Kick, Side Kick (Double Stepping). Forward x 4

Patterns Badge

  1. Any pattern Chon-Ji to Do-San
  2. Pattern Won Hyo
  3. Pattern Yul-Gok

Joon-Gun Pattern


Sparring Badge

  1. One Step – Attack with right and left punches only
  2. Semi-Sparring (one attack each)
  3. Free Sparring


Intercepting a single-hand grab or push

Inside block, trap and counter
Outside block, trap and counter

Power Test

1 Flying Side Kick using footsword x 3 each leg against pad (at least shoulder level)
2 Break power board with reverse turning kick, each leg using back heel of the foot (back heel)

Theory ā€“ Part One Badge

Random questions from below in any order and observations made in class:

Question Answer
Whom is Joon-Gun named after? : Joong-Gun is named after the patriot Ahn Joong-Gun who assassinated Hiro-Bumi Ito, the first Japanese governor-general of Korea, known as the man who played he leading part in the Korea-Japan merger. There are 32 movements in this pattern to represent Mr Ahn’s age when he was executed at Lui-Shung prison (1910).
What is the diagram of Joong-Gun? : ā€˜Iā€™(a capital I)
What does the colour blue on a blue belt signify? : A Blue Belt signifies the Heaven, towards which the plant matures into a towering tree as training in Taekwon-Do progresses.
What is the Korean for: :
Close Ready Stance Type B : Moa Junbi Sogi B
Rear Foot Stance : Dwit Bal Sogi
Reverse Knifehand Middle Block : Sonkal Dung Kaunde Makgi
Low Side Front Snap Kick : Najunde Yobap Cha Busigi
Twin Fist Upset Punch : Sang Joomuk Dwijibo Jirugi
X-Fist Rising Block : Kyocha Joomuk Chookyo Makgi
Angle Punch : Giokja Jirugi

Theory – Part Two Badge

Students are only tested on this exercise if the Theory Badge Pt. 1 has been achieved. Random questions from below in any order and observations made in class:

Question Answer
What is the Korean for: :
U-Shape Block : Digutja Makgi
Upset Fingertip Low Thrust : Dwijibun Sonkut Najunde Tulgi
Outer Forearm W-Shape Block : Bakat Palmok San Makgi
Side Checking Kick : Yop Cha Momchugi
Flying Turning Kick : Twimyo Dollyo Chagi
Foot Shifting : Jajun Bal
Double Stepping : Ibo Omgyo Didigi
3 Step Semi Free Sparring : Ban Jayoo Matsogi
1 Step Sparring : Ilbo Matsogi
Slow Motion : Chonchonhi
What movements are performed slow motion in the pattern Joon-gun? Demonstrate : Low Stance, palm pressing block; close stance, angle punch

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